1. ILT-Group
    Dmitrovsky pereulok, 13
    St. Petersburg, 191025

    Т: + 7 (812) 670-40-40

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  2. About us:

    Group of companies «ILT Group» - is a professional holding created for FEA.

    We are engaged in the field of international trade and logistics, international freight transportation, provision of services customs clearance of goods.

    The company's goal is to provide you with full service "turnkey" , which includes the organization of transportation and warehousing , the product search abroad, customs clearance and delivery of the goods to any city of the country .

    We are for the shortest time possible!
    We are for competitive prices!
    We stand for reliability and professionalism!
    You can trust us!
    Sincerely, Holding «ILT Group»

  3. Customs Clearance

    «ILT Group» offers a full range of services for customs clearance and delivery of the goods:

    • Consultations on import/export;
    • Analysis of the documents;
    • Definition of Commodity codes;
    • Calculation of customs duties;
    • Preparation of documents;
    • Completion of certificates;
    • Clearance declarations;

    Release of the goods in 1 day!

    Any questions? We will give you the answer!

    You can trust us!


    «ILT Group» provides international transportation of goods , including LCL, from Europe,Baltic countries, Asia and the USA.

    Optimal routes and transporting mode, according to your wishes in terms and costs of transportation.

    We use:
    • Container shipping;
    • Multimodal transportation;
    • Road transport;
    • Air and rail links;

    We perform:
    • Supply of transport for the shipment of your goods;
    • Paperwork for transportation;
    • Customs clearance;
    • Monitoring and forwarding;
    • Cargo insurance;
    • Delivery " door -to-door ";

    Experts of the company control the whole process of transportation of your goods!
    Minimum delivery!

    You can trust us!

  5. LCL

    The priority of our company is to deliver cargo from EU countries, Baltic countries, Asia, Turkey and the USA.

    We provide a full range of services for the delivery of general cargoes, including:
    • The acceptance of your cargo from the warehouse of the consignor (airport, seaport, etc.);
    • Delivery of cargo to the consolidation warehouse;
    • Paperwork for imports;
    • Customs clearance;
    • Delivery to your address;


    In 3 days from Europe!

    Due to the debugged regular deliveries of LCL, you will receive your goods in time of from 3 to 10 days, depending on the city and country of origin .


    Do you pick up the cargo from a supplier abroad by yourself?
    Do you have additional costs for cargo shipping to an "uncomfortable" warehouse?

    We can help you!

    For your convenience, our consolidation warehouses are located in the most demanded cities, in terms of logistics.
    Use any of our warehouses and save your time and your money.

    ILT Russia
    • St. Petersburg
    • Moscow
    ILT Europe
    • Hamburg, Germany
    • Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Helsinki (Vantaa), Finland
    • Tallinn, (Maardu), Estonia
    • ILT Turkey İstanbul, Turkey
    Chantilly, Virginia


    • We inspect all the incoming goods in our warehouses;
    • We carry out photofixation of the goods;
    • We perform the packaging of the goods in accordance with the requirements of the cargo;
    • Your cargo is always insured;
    • We are forwarding each car;


    We will save you money!

    Logistics, entirely debugged over the years, the availability of consolidation warehouses, a full service for customs clearance, today allows us it to offer you the most favorable conditions, as well as to expect reliable partnership.

    You can trust us!


    «ILT Group» cooperates with a number of European, Asian and American suppliers of equipment and accessories for different purposes and applications.

    We offer you to become your representatives abroad.

    You can choose any of our services:
    • Search for your product in Europe, Asia and the United States;
    • Full cooperation with the manufacturers of your product;
    • Accompanying of the sales transaction;
    • Delivery in any place of the Russian Federation as well as transportation, customs clearance, warehousing;

    You can trust us!

  7. ST.PETERSBURG (Headquarters)
    Dmitrovsky pereulok, 13
    St. Petersburg, 191025
    Т: + 7 (812) 670-40-40